Alcohol & Weed

Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening/Night Everyone.

Fuck yeah, all I do is get that swag from smoking so much dope and getting shit faced with my bros and bitches. #YOLO – A slight exaggeration of what teenagers say nowadays.

Every generation there is always those things that teenagers do, like drink and smoke weed in this case, and they are usually frowned upon by the older generations and most of the time illegal for them or for everybody. Other examples can be smoking cigarettes, listening to certain types of music, or getting tatted up. Here’s my hypothesis on why teenagers do these kinds of things: 1. It’s a sign of a rebellious character 2.  Gives people that ‘rush’ 3.  Peer pressure or to fit in 4. They want to be ‘mature’ 5. They actually like doing it. There are many more reasons they might have led them do these things but these are most likely are the reason why teenagers are always smoking some weed or drinking some UV whatever. For whatever reason why you drink while underage or smoke or neither of those is your reason, but listen to what I have to say about my viewpoint on why I frown upon these things.

I’m not a drinker nor have I ever drunk an alcoholic beverage before. I will probably drink in the future and there’s a possibly that I will enjoy it but I don’t see myself drinking anytime in the future, not until I’m probably at least 21. Why? I don’t see a reason to drink to have a ‘good’ time or celebrate. Sure, a lot of underage people drink. And sometimes, stupid shit happens because of that. Endless possibilities right? To simply put it, it’s not my thing. I’m a kind of person who pursues to do the right and responsible things, which will save my sorry ass in the end. Plenty of you who know me might know that I try to do the responsible things but I tend to drop the ball. So since I’m already 17 years sober, why not wait another 4 years to drink? No harm in that, shit I ‘waited’ 16 years to get my first kiss. As you can see, don’t ask me to drink because I’m going to politely decline unless you already know that I don’t, I probably be pissed off. That’s another thing, why do people that already know that someone doesn’t drink ask them over and over? Fuck peer pressure and fuck that ‘YOLO’ crap. It’s fine if you do it on your time, just don’t bring others into it that don’t want to. And that’s a reason why I’m skeptical to go to parties other than the reasons that I never get invited and from being so socially awkward where the majority at the party will probably hate my company. Whatever the reason may be, you won’t see me participating at any ‘Project X’ parties. Also, why do parents let underage people drink? Are you desperate enough to gain some meaningless ‘respect’ from your kid or other kids that you let them drink or buy them alcohol so they can get shit-faced? First thing, if you want your underage kid to drink, at least do it with them and be responsible about it and don’t let them get drunk or anything. Second thing, don’t fucking bring any other kids into it. Short story here, I went over to a friend’s place because him and his family were having a small cookout and I got offered beer by one of the adults. The guy said something along the lines of “Come on take it, no one will know.” Funny thing is, he offered me a soda and I said sure, even though I did it out of being polite since I try not to drink any carbonated drinks. Instead of bringing a can of soda, it was a can of beer. To the tell truth here, I lost respect for him that but that wasn’t the only reason why. There were two other kids younger than me there too. I know the adult wanted to just be ‘polite’ and a ‘cool’ type of role model and all but fuck that, that made me a bit pissed for the rest of the night. Speaking of alcohol stories, don’t bring up my cousins because I can bring up a whole lot of shit (which would be interesting). Alcohol, I don’t drink that shit.

Cannabis, weed, dope, or whatever you want to call it, I don’t smoke it. I’m not a smoker and I never will be. Now a lot of things I said above can be put the same way for weed. I don’t go to parties/gatherings because you know, a banging party must get the people fucking high. Sure, not everybody there does it but why be there if you dislike that kind of stuff? And the answer is always that you are there to be in the ‘cool’ with those people. Popularity right? Someone I know who shared a mutual feeling about weed like me, smoked one at small party. The reason why the person did it was because they wanted to try it at least once. What a fucking bullshit excuse and I still think it is. At least admit it was from fucking peer pressure instead of giving me that ‘YOLO’ kind of crap. Ever since then, I lost a lot of respect for that person because we actually had been through a lot. I don’t have a lot of tolerance for things I don’t approve of, especially if it’s drugs. You see, a former friend of mine introduced me for the first to weed when I was around 14. I never done it no matter how many times I was offered to do it and I was too much of a scared little shit to voice my opinion. A year later I did do that and that friend said that he would try quitting and if he wanted to, my friends and I could help him. At that point, I decided that I wasn’t going to deal with people who smoke weed and stuff (though I’m a bit of a hypocrite). Found out a while later that the friend who was trying to quit, didn’t. He told me that it was hard to give it up and all this other crap. Sure but I knew he wasn’t really giving an effort to quit because he didn’t really wanted to. From that point on he wasn’t my friend anymore but that was the only reason why, which I will get to sometime in the distant future. You see, I don’t really see a reason to smoke weed or do drugs. “Oh they make you relieve a lot of stress and let you have a good time because you don’t give a shit.” Fuck that, everybody has fucking stress every now and then. Smoking isn’t going to help it, it’s just going to prolong that moment when you have to actually act responsible. Marijuana may not be one of the most dangerous drugs but it sure can be a fucking gateway to other ones. And to be honest, weed sure did get popular with teenagers because of the media. Kids just want to do what’s cool and illegal. Smoking weed, never.

Fuck alcohol, fuck weed, and fuck rants.

I wonder how many people from my school would think I’m a fucking ‘gay ass pussy faggot’ after reading this. Probably a lot…

So Remember, No Thank You Men and Women

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